04. March 2021


GitHub offers all students in the school access to a variety of software through the GitHub Student Developer Pack. You can access the pack here.

1. Get the pack

To get the pack you start by clicking “Get your pack” on the web page.

2. Sign in

Next you need to sign in to GitHub or create an account. If you need to create an account then we recommend using your Tækniskóli e-mail address.

If you don’t use your Tækniskóli e-mail address during sign-up then you will need to connect it to your account by scrolling down to the form on the page and click “Add an email address”. There you need to enter your Tækniskóli email address and confirm it as per their instructions. Once you have done this you will need to refresh the page.

3. Application

Once you have confirmed your school email address, the form will change. Enter a short description of what you intend to use GitHub for and then click the “Submit your information” button. Once you have submitted your information return to this page and you should have full access to all the software there.