20. June 2023


Github offers the students of the Technical School access to various programs through the GitHub Student Developer Pack. The package can be accessed here

1. Get your pack

To get your pack you have to first click “Get your pack” on the site.

2. Log in

Next, you need to log in to GitHub or create a new account. If you need to create a new account, we recommend using your school email address.

If you do not register with your school email address, you need to connect it to your account first by scrolling down the page and clicking on “Add an email address”. There you then enter your school email address and confirm it based on their instructions. After it’s done, please refresh the page.

3. Application

Once you have confirmed your school email address, the form on the page will change. Write down your reason for using GitHub (briefly) and then click the Submit your information button. Then go back to this page and you should have access to everything available there.