28. June 2023


Inna – Information and teaching system

Inna is the school’s information and teaching system that manages all aspects of the students’ studies, for example testimonials, grades, practice, attendance and academic records. Inside is also the school’s teaching system, and there, among other things, it is possible to access course plans and study data lists. It is important that students make sure that their email addresses and phone numbers are correctly registered in Inna.

The link to Inna is at the bottom of the Technical School’s website.


Note: Íslykil or electronic ID must be used to log in to Inna.




Íslykil or electronic ID must be used to log in to Inna, see instructions. Registered relatives of students under the age of 18 also have access to Inna and can monitor the student’s progress and attendance. Relatives can also register the student’s illness, see instructions.



Office 365 and Google – Connect access to Inna

Users can link their Office 365 and Google account to their Inna account. Once users have connected their account, they can use Google and Office 365 login to Inna, see instructions. In addition, files from One drive can be loaded as attachments in the system.



A student over the age of 18 can provide access for a relative

When a student turns 18, relatives’ access to Inna is closed, but the student can open it again and give relatives continued access to Inna. If the student has opened access for relatives in Inna, they can continue to register the student’s illness in Inna. There is no need to submit a medical certificate if you are notified of absences via Inna, see instructions.

Instructions for the school system Inna

Password administration
How to grant next of kin access to Inna
How to register sick leave for a student in Inna