School Email

21. June 2023

School Email

School email

Note: Students can go to https://lykilord.tskoli.is/ and there you can get school email information sent by email along with a link that allows students to change their password, see instructions here that show how to change your password.

All students are assigned an email address by the school, which opens the way to use the Microsoft Office 365 communication environment. All student email addresses have the extension @tskoli.is. Each person’s email address consists of three items. First name, first two letters of the last name and year the student started school. Let’s take the example of Davíð Óskar Sigurðsson, who starts school in 2019. His email address is davidsi19@tskoli.is. Another example that shows how some special Icelandic letters become two is Sævar Þórðarson who also starts 2019. His email address is [email protected], “æ” becomes “ae” and “þ” becomes “th”.


NOTE: Students who started before 2019 have a different email address than newer students. Older students have an email address that consists of three items: first name, first two letters of the father’s name and the first three digits from the last four of the person’s social security number. Let’s take the same example of Davíð Óskar Sigurðsson, with the social security number 251280-2339. His email address would be [email protected].


To be able to use the student email address, make sure that the student has logged into the computer system at least once and changed their password.



Students can access their school e-mail wherever and whenever, provided they have access to a computer connected to the Internet, both at school and elsewhere. To connect to the mail, click here.