09. October 2019

Apply for spring term 2020

Apply for spring term 2020

We start accepting applications for spring term 2020 on the 21st of October 2019. All applications go through the Directorate of Education on this website where you can also follow the status of your application. You need an electronic ID (Íslykill or Rafræn skilríki) in order to apply.

All our courses are taught in Icelandic but we offer a programme in Icelandic as a second language for students looking to learn Icelandic. If you need assistance with your application to the programme, you can contact Guðlaug Kjartansdóttir, e-mail [email protected], tel. 898 7149 or Jóna Dís Bragadóttir, e-mail [email protected], tel. 861 6691.